Carp Rescue 2014 …Denver Colorado

IMG_3069Got a Message on Facebook as I sat at my computer yesterday from fellow Carper Trevor Tanner!  He said he had discovered a group of Carp next to Chatfield Reservoir that were trapped in a side channel and when the water was lowered the fish were unable top get back in the main lake.

Crescent Lake

Check out the small sickle shaped finger bottom center!

Speculation was that at the time of the Spawn the water was higher than it had been in years & these fish got trapped as the water receded! Carp usually look into the shallows to spawn, sticking their eggs to vegetation or downed limbs and such.  This little crescent shaped “pond” was ideal with lots of downed trees and brush along the edges!  Trevor said he thought there maybe 50 large Carp in the entrapment!

I decided to make the hour run up to Chatfield and “film” a bit of the “rescue” on my new WASPcam thinking that it might be fun to see these fish in a shallow pool going berserk and throwing water and mud all round!  …I wasn’t disappointed!  Was was a surprise was how the fish were caught and who caught them. The veteran “anglers” were about to get a lesson in Carping!

IMG_3092We had a small group of 15 or so fly & conventional Carpers on hand with landing nets and waders.  What we hadn’t figured was how willy and quick the Carp would be …our plan was to start on one end and drive them to folks with nets on the other. Well best laid plans seldom work out …especially when “fishing”!



Talon “the Carp King” hugging one of 15 he caught!

As it turned out the best “anglers’ were the kids! Several of the folks had brought their 5-13 year olds and they were ALL over it!  One in particular, Talon, caught 15 Carp and all by HAND!!!  The first one he “landed” was hilarious as he finally pounced headlong onto the fish and gave it a big bear hug!  Great job Talon!  Other effective techniques were sitting on the fish …yes sitting on them …until someone could grab them! This technique was perfected by Trevor himself!


Organizer Trevor Tanner with a nice big Carp for release!

All in all the estimate of 50 Carp was way off …the number was closer to 120 fish of which some 15-20 were beautiful Mirrored Carp like this one!MirrorCarp.JPG

As we caught the fish they would be taken over a small berm of dirt some 30′ to the main part of Chatfield reservoir and released! At one point 3 Officers from Colorado DOW watched in amazement as these crazed “anglers” caught and released these fish. They asked me who we were to which I responded “just some folks who love to catch Carp”!

Enjoy the video and pics of a fun time we will all remember as Carp Rescue 2014!  Secretly I think we are hoping for high water next year so we can do it again!

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