Join me, Dave Maynard, for #fishchat on Twitter each Tuesday night from 7-8 Mountain Time for some great fishing talk.  We’ll discuss what you’re catching and how you’re catching it and hopefully have some great fun!  IF you’re not on Twitter don’t panic, it is VERY simple once you get the hang of it. It’s not a big deal to join the Twitter revolution! Just go to and sign up for a new account …it’s free and only takes a minute or two.  It is fun to interact with anglers from all over the world who share our common passion for the finned critters! Once you sign up for Twitter just type in a few key words of “fish stuff” that you like and follow a few people.  Of course you should follow me, @fishthebaja,  and my other show too, @fishingacrossam, to start with. Please comment and ask me some questions if you need a little help getting started and I’ll do my best to assist you.  Hope to see you soon on Twitter and #fishchat!

What is Twitter?


Twitter is a social media website where anyone worldwide can share ideas and messages to anyone else in the world.  It is a public forum so keep that in mind when you send messages.  It is a great place to find answers to questions and share ideas and even pictures with others.  ie: I recently posted a picture of a Japanese headband that I received as a gift years ago which had Japanese characters on it and I wondered what it said.  I posted a picture on Twitter and within a matter of minutes I had a reply from someone whose wife was Japanese and knew what those characters meant. Awesome!!!


How do I get on Twitter?


Getting on Twitter is as easy as signing up for anything else online.  Just go to, click the big yellow “Sign Up” button and fill in the form.  You need to pick out a username and password, so you might want to think of a clever name that describes your passion and you, like @BiggerFishThanDave! Don’t get intimidated by the “@” symbol, it’s just there to let people know that is your username, like mine … @fishthebaja.


How do I get followers on Twitter?


In short you follow other people who have like passions and ideas.  Just search for certain words or terms in the search window, perhaps fish or flyfishing, trout, carp, marlin, angling…etc. Don’t worry about the language barrier either because Twitter will translate all “tweets” into your language with a few clicks of the mouse!!!  I follow a bunch of people from Asia and South America and readily “reTweet” their messages (tweets) to my followers.  People are probably thinking I speak about 14 gazillion languages now but I don’t … just using the translator!


How do I put pictures up on Twitter?


To post pictures on Twitter go to and create and account.  It is easiest to use the “Sign in with Twitter” button in the upper right hand corner.  Set up you account and then you’re off the the races with adding pictures to the Twitter universe.  This can be really cool when you do this from your cell phone because you can twitpic something that is happening immediately.  I frequently hear about worldwide events on Twitter BEFORE the news hits TV or radio!!!


Why does “#fishchat” have a pound sign in front of it?


Well in the Twittersphere a pound  sign (#) or a “hashtag” as people call it signifies that someone is commenting about a topic that may have appeal to many people.  ie: during this recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan people were using #Japan, #prayforJapan, #tsunami, #Japanrelief …etc. It is a way for people that know a certain event has happened or is going to happen to find tweets about that happening, try #bassmaster for example.


This is a brief Twitter explaination and is in NO way complete or the best available but perhaps it will convince you to venture out into the twittersphere with a bit more confidence! Alright lets see those tweets start to flow!!!