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WASPcam JAKD Action-Sports Camera


Designed for energetic youth, and with affordability in mind (hence the name ‘JAKD:’ Junior and Kids Design), the all-new JAKD edition features everything young, creative minds would expect, but with a few extras….

By uniquely incorporating Infrared and LED lighting technology, JAKD camera users may capture their biggest “PROVE IT” moments in 1080p HD clarity, even after the sun goes down or when shooting in poor lighting conditions.

A 2″ LCD touch-screen offers instant, LIVE viewing while recording video and photos, a 4 x digital zoom goes deeper into the action and a vehicle-approved, Auto-Looping Function enables video to record over itself, if desired.

WASPcam: providing opportunities for all ages, skill levels and budgets to PROVE IT!

The new WASPcam JAKD action-sports camera delivers HD quality video and photos, but is also equipped with unique features like a built-in 2″ LCD touch-screen and “Night Vision” for capturing nighttime action!

JAKD Features:

  • Record High-Definition video @ 1080p25 or 720p30
  • Up to 5-Megapixel photo quality (or 3MP)
  • Built-in, 2″ LCD touch-screen
  • Night Vision: Infrared and LED lighting for nighttime action
  • 4 x digital zoom
  • Auto-Looping Function: records over itself—perfect for automobile applications or continuous video recording!

Price: $139.99

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