ter-mi-nal an-gler [ter-muh-nl] [ang-gler]

-noun  (but hopefully a verb!)

  1. a person infected with the angling disease; child onset is most common and is usually hereditary; spreading the disease is considered acceptable to those infected and even charitable. Parents are actually encouraged to infect their children!!!
  2. common treatment such as nagging, moaning and throwing fits only seem to compound the angling problem and cause the afflicted to spend even more time enhancing the nuances of the syndrome
  3. the disease is often be characterized by spending large amounts of time and money on “necessary” equipment and getting ready for trips to engage in the “sport”.
  4. advancements in medical science notwithstanding Terminal Angler Syndrome is incurable and actually seems to get more acute with age. Seasonal Outbreaks are seen around the globe, typically in the early Spring,  quickly resulting in high credit card bills and “honey do” lists that are neglected!
  5. current mitigation protocols include spending time on the water with other infectees as well as attending outdoor seminars with similarly deluded individuals. Currently  T.A. S. is incurable, however it is a disease you can learn to live with, just asked the 35 million Americans and countless millions more worldwide that live daily with the syndrome!!!